Instagram has long been a marketing tool for businesses. The image-driven platform is certainly at the top of your list of must-have social media venues, whether you use influencers to promote your products, upload attractive product images for your followers, or host branded competitions.

Instagram is an integral part of any eCommerce sales strategy, and it has come a long way from the days of “Link in bio” to provide its business users with the tools they need to sell effectively.

The reality is, though, that things may always be simpler for you. And we’re here to help by spotlighting Instagram eCommerce integrations that any Instagrammer trying to make money off their items would appreciate.

Why is Instagram one of the most effective social selling techniques for online retailers in the year 2023?

Instagram’s audience isn’t as large as Facebook’s, but they’re already interested in making a purchase, so the platform is valuable nonetheless.

More than ninety percent of Instagram users are following a business, and 200 million people everyday see a company’s profile. The good news is that one-third of all users have actually bought a product they found on the site.

That’s a major development for online social commerce. One of the most significant channels for eCommerce sales and marketing teams is Instagram since, according to Shopify, Instagram users spend more per purchase than users of other major platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

What benefits does it provide to your omnichannel approach to selling?

Companies that value their customer relationships are putting money into omnichannel strategies.

The term “omnichannel” refers to the practise of integrating all of your customer relationship management strategies across all of your different social media platforms so that you may provide the best possible service to your users across all of them.

If you find that your online shop receives a lot of customer support questions via Twitter, you should adjust your approach there accordingly. If you want people to learn more about what you do, and they are finding your Facebook Page useful for that purpose, you should publish more informative and interesting information there. And if people buy and interact with your items on Instagram, you had best make your company profile as sales-friendly as possible.

Your Instagram marketing plan should include putting shoppable stickers to your Instagram Stories, inserting product descriptions in your Instagram feed, and referring to your best-selling products in your profile’s Highlights.

For the year 2023, the best Instagram eCommerce integrations

Connect your BigCommerce store’s inventory to Instagram

Yes, let’s be honest here. Nobody likes to have to manually copy and paste information about products from an online store onto their social media accounts. Your work spent creating product pages has been well spent, and now you wish there was a method to automatically import them into Instagram.

Fortunately, you can if you’re one of the tens of thousands of eCommerce experts utilising BigCommerce as your web host. BigCommerce will automatically transform your Instagram posts and stories into shoppable advertisements for the items you select.

With BigCommerce’s Channel Manager, you can easily publish your complete inventory to Instagram. And if you get near enough, I’ll tell you a secret… In order for your followers to make purchases, BigCommerce is testing an in-app Instagram checkout in closed Beta. Seems like a nice plan, right?

Instagram content management system

To help social media marketers give their campaigns a huge boost, ShortStack offers a plethora of useful tools. Instagram’s user-generated content management function, however, is one of its most valuable additions.

A business may increase user-generated content (UGC) by holding competitions and giving away freebies, monitoring user-generated material using hashtags, securing user permission to use content via rights management, and then using that content in marketing campaigns across several channels.

Be sure to respond to people’s posts and communications across all platforms

Managing the influx of messages from your audience and consumers when you have a social presence across numerous networks is a time-consuming and laborious task. The foundation of a successful social customer service strategy is a consistent, warm, and approachable tone across all platforms and accounts, as well as the ability to respond quickly and effectively to consumer inquiries.

Stop unwanted comments on your Instagram posts and adverts

Have you ever had to remove spam, hate speech, or unacceptable language from the comments section of your organic content or ads? Protecting your brand’s positive reputation online against trolls is essential if you want to avoid losing clients to the competition.

Use Shorby to make a unique home page for your social media links

Instagram’s one-link-in-bio restriction is the feature most often cited as a source of frustration by corporate users. Have you linked to your site? Is there a certain page you’re looking for? How about the arrangement you have right now? What’s your newest video on YouTube? Is it really something else?

The Shorby app would allow you to accomplish all of the aforementioned simultaneously. Users can compile their most vital materials onto one page accessible via a single Address. You may start building an omnichannel experience by sharing the same landing page across all of your social media channels.
You may make as many changes to the landing page as you’d like until it reflects your company’s aesthetic. See it as the “one profile to rule them all” and fill it with the most important information to move your social media followers through the sales funnel.

We Brand helps you maintain a unified brand identity

Your social customer service may be on point, but it would be for naught if the tone and quality of your Instagram posts didn’t mesh with the rest of your branded material.

If you want to succeed in the online marketplace, you must provide your customers with the products and services they have specifically requested from companies they have come to trust.