You can have a live conversation with popular accounts and companies using Instagram Live. Best practises and strategic advice are provided here.

Celebrities, influencers, content creators, corporations, NGOs, and everyday users are rediscovering and frequently use a long-forgotten function.

The world has obviously changed much since then. The global pandemic has had a significant impact on people’s media consumption habits and the kinds of media they like to consume.

People have been searching for deeper ways to connect with one another during the pandemic. The use of videos has become increasingly common.

And now, in the early stages of quarantine, we can engage with our favourite brands and influencers in real time, all thanks to Instagram Live’s comeback.

If we tune into Instagram at that precise moment, we can find out exactly what they are doing.

For a company’s image, this is a huge success.

Instagram Live is a low- or no-cost content creation method that can be used to build audience engagement, develop genuine ties with followers, and provide an authentic glimpse behind the scenes of your company.

Plus, Instagram rewards businesses who make full use of their platform. This suggests that a combination of a feed post, a narrative, a reel, and going live on Instagram might be the key to an account’s success.

Tips for Instagram Live Video

There are, like with any activity, recommended procedures to carry out before going Live on Instagram.

Make sure everyone can see your profile.

In the first place, no brand should ever have an exclusive account. If you want the most exposure possible, though, you should switch your brand account to public before it goes online.

Maintain a vertical orientation on your phone.

When you do so, the user interface is simplified since you are using the whole screen in real time.

Proper illumination is crucial.

Before broadcasting live, check the lighting to make sure it’s adequate.

If you want to avoid the effects of glare, low lighting, etc., I suggest investing in a ring light.

Mount Your Device on a Tripod or Stand

There is nothing worse than watching an Instagram Live while holding your phone.

Get a phone stand so you can stop fidgeting with your phone and give your whole attention to your live audience.

Get a good microphone so that others can hear you well. For live videos shot in one place, a Rode microphone is fantastic, but for mobile broadcasting, AirPods are ideal.

Open Forum with the Executive Staff

Provide openness and answer questions from your fans, customers, and followers by doing an Instagram Live Q&A with your company’s leadership, founders, or employees of certain departments.

Discussions on the reasoning for a major brand shift are best hosted by the company’s executives and/or founder.

A Live is much more effective with two individuals there; one may ask the questions, and the other can let the guest (internal team member) respond.

To get the most out of an Instagram Live broadcast and engage your audience, have the interviewer field questions from followers in real time.

Your users will think it’s cool if you mention their handle when they ask a question, as it’s similar to a radio shout-out.

Instagram Product Launch Livestream

Introducing a brand new offering to your IT company’s or corporation’s clientele? Create some buzz by announcing an exclusive Instagram Live event and encouraging your clientele to participate.

This is a fantastic method of expanding your reach beyond email and meeting your customers where they already are.

Invite the product team over to show off the finished product, discuss the development process, and answer any and all questions regarding the product.

As a business-to-business, Fast performs an excellent job of generating buzz on Instagram. They held an Instagram Live event in 2020 to present and demonstrate the use of their new product to interested followers, newsletter subscribers, and customers.

Whether you’re selling to businesses or consumers, one of the finest marketing tricks is letting your followers in on a little secret. It adds a sense of exclusivity and intrigues customers.

Whether it’s a new spring line of apparel being tried on, the season’s meat specials being turned into meals, or your newest and best vacuum line really sucking a shag carpet, you could even go Live with a client showing the product.

Work Together with a Subject Matter Professional

Using Instagram Live, Airbnb has completely dominated the industry. Airbnb’s Experiences division went online after the outbreak.

Airbnb experiences are curated activities (typically like tours) that you can arrange with residents from across the world and participate in either in person or now digitally.

The travel company’s choice to go virtual and provide these to people globally notwithstanding quarantine greatly increased the profitability of their Experience division.

They used Instagram Live to demonstrate how interested parties may join these now-virtual tours with Hosts based in different parts of the world.