What happens next is obvious.

One day you wake up with hundreds of ideas for Instagram Reels and the following day you can’t think of anything to post.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re feeling down and want some guidance on how to get yourself out of your melancholy.

Here are some of the most effective ways to utilise Instagram Reels to attract new followers, strengthen existing relationships, and generate revenue.

Does that work? Okay, so let’s begin!
Grow Your Audience with These Brilliant Instagram Video Compilation Concepts

Are you at a loss on how to increase the number of people that watch your Instagram Reels?

These tried-and-true strategies will make your company or personal brand stand out from the crowd and appeal to your ideal customers.

Instructional Guides

How do you get more people to watch your Instagram Reels the quickest?



Your purpose is to instruct your listeners. Its extreme worth ensures that it will be archived and passed around.

Those are the two most important things you can do to have the algorithm notice and share your content with more people.

Need an illustration? If you need some inspiration, here are a few:

To aid content creators with a large following, Harley Jordan has developed a series of lessons called Instagram Reels.

Tala instructs you on how to dress up your workout wear for any event.

Dani The Explorer coaches her viewers on how to be more comfortable in front of the lens.

Make a TV Show

Have you got a LOT to say about something? Create a series out of it.

It’s a great strategy to keep your followers interested in your profile until the next installment, and it also makes for content that can be consumed in one sitting, making your profile recognised for that one “thing.”

Brand recognition!

Let’s examine the various applications of this strategy:

  • Travel writers, focus a Reels series on the most picturesque log homes in your state.
  • Write a series for relationship advice columns about how to end relationships.
  • Brand of home furnishings; series on how to change over a space.
  • Financial mentor, make a video log of your daily, weekly, or monthly spending and savings.

Day-in-the-life videos are extremely popular on YouTube, but they’re also popular on other platforms.

From YouTube and TikTok to Reels, it seems that everyone enjoys witnessing the exploits of others online.

…If so, why?

It’s voyeuristic and a form of escape, to some extent.

We’re trying to put ourselves in the shoes of those who like that occupation or way of life. This is the pinnacle of motivational and inspiring writing. Finally, it gives us a little reprieve from the monotony of our daily routines.

Mini vlogs are a great medium for brands to use in order to provide followers with an inside peek at their operations. Take your audience behind the scenes of your production process, from raw materials to final packing before shipment.

Grace Beverley is a writer who excels in this regard. The fitness guru turned entrepreneur posts regular Reels of her hectic CEO life.

Confused on what to cover in your brief vlogs? You should poll your fans!

Long-form material, such as blog articles or films uploaded to YouTube on a weekly basis, should be repurposed to maximise its value.

It will not only help you save time, but it will also provide you with a wealth of inspiration for your content calendar in the form of Instagram Reels.

If you promote your material on other sites while offering your audience with bite-sized pieces of advice, you’ll see an increase in views.

The situation benefits both parties.

YouTuber Vanessa Lau employs this strategy to expand her brand on Instagram. In addition, she turns her most popular carousel and quotation posts into Instagram Reels, which she shares with her followers.

Adapt to the Times

One of the easiest methods to increase traffic to your site and expand your audience is to capitalise on current trends.

There’s a catch, though.

You should get on a trend as soon as you notice it gaining steam. If you procrastinate, the market will be oversaturated and less people will visit your Instagram Reels.

How then do you zero in on that optimal point?

Anticipate seasonal demands leading up to holidays like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and others.

Check out some clips on TikTok.


TikTok is often the harbinger of a new audio trend before Instagram Reels catches on to it.

One final thing to remember with viral videos is…

Follow fads only if you can plainly see how they relate to your speciality. Whatever works, works. If it doesn’t, try something else.

Recount Your Adventure

Telling your customers and the world about your brand’s origin story is an effective strategy to build rapport and spread your message.

How come increasing your fan base on social media is so effective?

Motivating, indeed.

It facilitates a deeper emotional connection between your brand and its consumers.

By making a personal connection with your customers, you increase the likelihood that they will become loyal purchasers and advocates for your brand.

Shopping Lists

Thanksgiving. In other words, Friday the 13th. Christmas. Today is the International Day of the Donut.

Make a holiday gift guide if your product or service has any relevance to the events listed.

It’s a fantastic strategy for increasing revenue, drawing in new customers, and releasing shareable content.

In what way?

You’re expanding both your company and your account at the same time.

For more ideas, check out these examples of gift guides:

  • Toys for the Trail: A Gift Guide
  • Gift ideas for the telecommuter
  • A gift guide from Urban Outfitters