Any savvy marketer understands that all it takes is one viral Instagram story to make an entire campaign worthwhile. Knowing how to make the most of Instagram Stories is crucial for developing effective brand marketing on the platform.

Instagram may have begun as a photo-sharing service, but new research shows that videos may generate up to 21% more engagements. Based on these numbers, it’s clear that every marketer has to master the art of social media video marketing.

This is the guide you’ve been looking for if you want to know how to add a video to your Instagram story.

  • Instagram video posting guidelines
  • Instagram video reposting instructions
  • Instagram video tutorials for stories.

Instagram video dimensions, playtime, and more info
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Video Sharing on Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide

First things first: uploading a basic video to your Instagram profile. The procedure is straightforward:

The first step is to create your video, which may seem apparent, but it is necessary nonetheless. Instagram only supports videos that are exactly one minute in length, and they must be square. You can post the footage just as it was filmed, or you can modify it to make it more appealing. Therefore, the video must be downloaded to the phone in order to be shared on Instagram.
Putting up the video is the simple part. The Instagram app’s plus button is conveniently located at the top of the interface.

If you tap “Post,” your phone will show you its gallery of photographs and videos. To choose the desired option, simply tap on it.

Make the necessary changes. Add a filter, trim the video, or mute the original audio before you share it online.

Choose a Cover – Cover choices are available in the final step before publishing the video. To make a still image from your video the thumbnail for the post on Instagram, choose “Cover” and pick a frame.

The Instagram Reposting Guide

If you want to encourage user-generated material for your brand, you’ll need to figure out how to republish user-generated content. If you choose to employ influencers in your marketing campaign, you should share their videos on your profile to raise brand recognition.

Only with the help of a third-party tool, such as Regrammer or Repost, is it possible to repost. This tutorial will focus on using the app Repost to reshare a video, but the same basic steps may be used with any app that serves the same purpose.

First, get approval.

It’s important to have the author’s consent before reposting someone else’s work. According to Instagram’s TOS, this is a must. Getting permission is a breeze if you post a remark or send a direct message to the artist. Never share a video without the creator’s approval.

Step 2: Reproduce the original Instagram post’s URL.

Make a note of the Instagram post’s original URL. Select “Link” from the post’s menu of options (three dots in upper right corner) to copy the post’s URL into your clipboard.

Third, launch the Repost mobile app.

When you paste the URL into the repost app, you’ll find that it’s been posted automatically.

Instagram Story Video Tutorial

Instagram users have a choice between two different story uploading methods. The first option is to import an existing video, and the second is to shoot video within the app itself. Please explain how you can accomplish both.

Video Instagram Story Uploading

The first step is to copy the clip to your device’s camera roll. You may produce a new tale by touching the + sign at the top of the screen and choosing “Story.” Then, select the desired clip from your camera roll. When you’re through customising the narrative with filters, stickers, and music, click “Send” to share it with the world.

If the video you submitted is longer than 15 seconds, it will be cut up into many stories such that each narrative is no longer than 15 seconds.

Instagram Story Video Production

Swipe left while in the Instagram app to access the camera and begin recording a story. To begin recording, press and hold the button in the screen’s centre. When you release go, the recording is complete and ready for uploading.

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