Instagram’s initial success came from its ability to facilitate casual photo sharing. But do you know what kind of material Instagram users find the most interesting? These are Instagram videos. That’s why it’s crucial to your Instagram business’s growth that you understand the benefits of Instagram video marketing.

In fact, video material being shared at a rate roughly double that of text and images combined.

Users of Instagram are no exception. It’s the main factor behind Instagram Reels’ meteoric rise to fame. Users in this demographic are avid viewers of not just entertainment but also promotional and informational films.

Why? Due to the fact that watching videos about businesses and items on Instagram is a helpful step before making a purchase.

It’s no surprise that in 2022, 92% of marketers will use video as part of their plan. It’s a crucial step in creating a loyal following for your company on Instagram.
However, as a small company, you may be debating whether or not Instagram videos are worth the expense. Investing in them, what kind of return can one expect? Will this contribute to the success of your company?

Instagram videos are unquestionably useful for businesses of all sizes. Still not sure?

We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 reasons why you should use videos in your Instagram marketing plan.

Come on, we’ll get to the point.

7 Benefits of Using Instagram for Video Ads

I’ve compiled a list of the seven most significant benefits of Instagram video marketing.

Try new things

You can’t afford for your Instagram marketing plan to be boring. Even if you’re posting compelling images, there’s only so much you can do to pique your followers’ attention.

People may not always look at each of your photographs carefully when they browse through them.

Instagram videos are the best choice if you’re looking to mix up your social media material. Create a wide range of films to keep your demographic interested in your company.

Short films, product previews, 360-degree experiences, time-lapses, frequently asked questions, and even company culture may all be filmed using this tool. Use your imagination and some free stop-motion software to make some entertaining animated shorts.

Expand Your Influence

Instagram videos are given higher ranking by the Instagram algorithm than regular Instagram posts. In fact, the interaction rate for Reels is roughly double that of any other style of post on the network. This implies that, compared to regular postings, branded videos are more likely to generate interest in your business.

As a result, it’s not surprising that a growing number of companies are producing films for the service. Instagram videos may help you expand your audience beyond where you’d normally advertise your agricultural, café, real estate, or any other business.

Improve Participation Rates

Instagram’s high rate of user interaction appeals to marketers. And videos posted to Instagram receive more likes than any other media posted there. According to Mention, Instagram videos receive twice as many likes than picture or carousel posts.

When people enjoy watching your films, they’ll go out of their way to recommend them to others and talk about them in the comments. They might even post these movies to their Stories, which would be great for exposure.

So, what did you get? More people are engaging with your business thanks to your Instagram videos, and they could keep doing so for a while.

Incorporate Emotional Connection into Your Brand

Your company has a fascinating history and distinct character that should be shared with the world. Products and services are only part of the picture. The greatest way to share your experience, beliefs, and mission is through a video.

Instagram videos let you reach people on several levels with your message: visual, auditory, and emotive. That’s why they’re so effective at making your brand more relatable and inspiring loyalty in your target market.

Because they encourage viewers to take action, videos may also be a useful tool in the lead generating and sales processes.

Deliver Confirmation from Others

It’s especially important for you as a small business to build social proof to boost conversions and establish trust in your online presence.

And how might one most effectively increase their social proof?

Videos are the obvious solution to this problem. Video reviews, user-created content, and testimonials can all help. When consumers comment favourably about your goods or services, they become real to others.

Moreover, people interpret reviews as personal recommendations, which might sway their decision to buy. Instagram videos without a company logo might generate quality leads for your business.

Improve your call to action

You should know by now that a compelling call to action (CTA) is crucial for encouraging prospects to take the next step in your marketing funnel. Instagram users may be persuaded to take action by static posts, but these posts might be missing an important element: the reader’s feelings.

All Instagram videos—Stories, Reels, and feed videos alike—have the potential to arouse intense feelings in viewers. That’s why it’s so important to employ video calls to action if you want people to take the next step and do anything, like click on a link or buy something. So that’s how you outshine your rivals on Instagram, then.

Boost Your Conversion Rate

Video converts as well as, if not better than, any other content format, say 98% of marketers, according to the Video in Business Benchmark Report.

What makes videos so effective, then?

Because they serve to educate consumers and pique their interest in your offerings. Instagram videos are an engaging and simple method to spread information about your business and its products.

Convincing your target market of the value of your product may increase conversions; explainer films, product demo videos, and user-generated videos can all play a role.