Marketing on Instagram versus. If you want to run a successful campaign on just one of the major social media platforms, you’ll need to do some serious planning. The catch is that you have no idea which platform will serve you best. Popular ones include Facebook and Instagram. You should investigate the features and user base of each of these channels. And that’s what you’ll learn how to achieve from reading this post. With these tips in mind, you can get your social media marketing campaign off on the right foot.

What exactly does Instagram provide?

Let’s go right into an in-depth discussion about Instagram and how it may help advertise companies. For a more complete picture of the platform’s advantages, consider the following data:


More than 800 million people use Instagram monthly, and roughly 500 million use it every day. The sheer volume of people using it gives it a great platform for brands to increase their profile. They also boast an advertisement base of over a million.


Instagram’s strength lies on the dedication of its user base. More than 95 million photographs and videos are uploaded and shared every day. And these postings produce a total of around 4.2 billion likes in a single day.

According to a March 2016 survey by Locowise, just 0.84 percent of Instagram’s total audience actively participates in posts. The percentage of people actively engaging with a brand has dropped by 11.58% since January. Instagram, however, continued to outperform other social media in terms of user engagement.

Activation of Traffic Flow

Instagram not only has a large number of actively involved users, but it also drives a large number of similarly involved users to your website. This research indicates that Instagram users spend an average of 192 seconds on a webpage. Greater than three minutes, longer than most advertising mediums. In fact, Instagrammers spend 45% more time on a site than Facebook users and 40% more time than Twitter users.


Your intended audience should guide your decision over which social media site to use. According to a research done by Pew Research in 2015, there are more women than men who use Instagram. The survey found that 31% of online women routinely utilise the platform. For men, the percentage rises to 24%.
Instagram’s core demographic consists of young adults (18–29). In fact, among people of this age who use the internet, 55% are on Instagram. Instagram’s user base is perfect for targeting the millennial generation. Influencer promotion is another area where Instagram shines.

What exactly does Facebook provide?

Let’s move on to some Facebook numbers now. We can better grasp its significance in marketing if we look at the numbers:


When it comes to user numbers, Facebook has not lost its crown as the most popular social media platform. Dreamgrow reports that there are 2.2 billion active users on the site per month. Facebook is the clear winner if your only goal is to raise brand awareness.


Facebook lags behind Instagram in terms of user engagement. Nonetheless, Locowise ranks it as the social network with the second-highest audience engagement rate. This was also corroborated by the Forrester research. This data demonstrates that the platform is responsible for the second biggest volume of user-brand interactions.

Instagram vs. Facebook: A Comparison

The information presented above allows us to deduce the following.

Instagram for more participation

When compared to Facebook, Instagram’s engagement rates are far higher. This is demonstrated by comparing the average number of likes for postings on the two platforms, as conducted by News Whip. Take a look at the numbers below to see how the popularity of the same brand on Instagram and Facebook compares.

Promote yourself more on Facebook

When it comes to audience size, Facebook is unrivalled by Instagram. It’s not just used by more people; it’s also well-liked by people of all ages. To increase your chances of being seen, choose this medium. Especially if you aren’t aiming for a certain demographic, such as age, this holds true.

Instagram for a younger demographic

Instagram is popular among young people, making it ideal for reaching out to that demographic. In reality, this is how Harley Davidson attracted a younger demographic and increased overall interest in their motorcycles. Motorcycle manufacturer starts advertising on Instagram. Men between the ages of 18 and 35 were targeted.

They came up with an advertising strategy utilising carousels. These commercials used imaginative drawings that evoked styles common in the cycling subculture. All of the stories shown in these drawings centre on the riders’ bikes. They were able to reach over 1.4 million guys in their target age range in only three weeks.

To sum up

The features you require will determine which platform is ideal for you. It’s important to give some thought to why you’re running the campaign and what you hope to accomplish with it. The advantages of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are debatable. What works effectively for you may not be as effective for another company due to differences in features and target markets. This post’s statistics, however, shows that Instagram might be a superior platform on which to promote your brand and interact with customers.