No explanation of Instagram is necessary. More than a billion individuals worldwide utilise this service each month to connect with family and friends, disseminate information, and shop. That’s why Instagram has exploded in popularity as a B2B marketing tool.

Additionally, a growing number of B2B marketers see the potential of Instagram as a tool for expanding their clientele and revenue. In today’s social media-driven environment, when 60% of firms allocate resources to social media marketing, it’s no surprise that business-to-business (B2B) organisations leverage these channels to promote their wares.

In what ways might Instagram Stories benefit B2B organisations?

No one could have imagined the massive growth of Instagram Stories for companies of all sizes and in all industries back in 2016 when Instagram ripped from Snapchat’s function of posting temporary content. More and more businesses (particularly those in the B2B sector) are adopting the usage of Stories as a customer communication tool on the platform.

If you’re wondering why B2B organisations are using Instagram Stories, consider the following data, which demonstrates the app’s rising popularity among users and the new possibilities it presents for engaging in innovative and engaging conversation with B2B buyers.

7 Ways to Benefit Your Company From Instagram Stories

Now that you know the unconventional benefits of Instagram Stories for business expansion, it’s time to study the ways in which B2B organisations have included Instagram Story marketing into their strategy.

Make your company more personable

Customers that are looking to buy from businesses are just like you and me. Which is why people gravitate towards businesses that put a friendly face forward. Humanising your business is a terrific strategy to boost brand loyalty and trust since no one is interested in a faceless B2B corporation.

Making ensuring your product satisfies the demands and wants of a business’s many stakeholders is essential during the B2B client journey. It’s natural for B2B customers to have concerns before making a purchase, so be prepared to answer their inquiries. By having your specialised specialists respond to these inquiries, you’ll do more than just improve your clients’ understanding of your product and organisation; you’ll also give them a sense of the people behind the brand.

Give a rundown of the features and benefits of your business-to-business offering

The market for business-to-business (B2B) products is flooded with increasingly comparable options, making it difficult for B2B purchasers to make a decision. Instagram visitors and followers are more likely to become paying customers if you take the time to explain how your B2B product works and how they may benefit from working with you. The good news is that you can get some assistance from Instagram Stories.

Considering Instagram Stories only allow for 15 seconds of content, it might be challenging to think of ways to use them to illustrate your B2B offering. Instagram Stories, however, contain a number of features, such as clickable links, that allow you to provide viewers more information.

Transform curious fans into potential customers

The process of generating leads is crucial to the success of any company. Recent CIENCE study reveals that 66 percent of marketers prioritise lead generation and utilise social media to do it.

Having a list of potential consumers for your business would be excellent, so why not produce fresh B2B leads? There are a number of strategies to convert Instagram Story viewers into potential customers.

Give evidence from the community

It’s only natural that we go to our peers for advice when choosing a B2B vendor; after all, we all want to make purchases from reputable businesses. Therefore, social evidence is crucial to the buying process.

Instagram users should post fleeting material to give social proof to their followers without overwhelming their main feed.

Explore the TailwindApp together with me. In order to make it easy for visitors and followers to access all social evidence, TailwindApp reposts Instagram Stories that include user testimonials with a tag to their account and then adds them to a separate Instagram Story highlight named “Testimonials.” The secret to their success lies in the placement of this greatest hits album just under their biographies.

Promote haphazard purchases

Even if you run a business-to-business enterprise, Instagram is a fantastic medium for making purchases. One study found that 83% of consumers learned about new items on the network, and 80% of Instagrammers said the app influenced their decision to purchase.

Instagram Stories may be used to generate a feeling of urgency while promoting bargains and encouraging purchases from followers. Since followers know that anything posted to Stories will be gone in twenty-four hours, they are more likely to make a purchase immediately.

Promote your business using Instagram Stories

Instagram’s one billion monthly active users mean it’s a great place to reach business customers in need of your shipping services, CRM software, or promotion of small and medium-sized enterprise software. However, the followers of your company Instagram account aren’t always your target demographic. Therefore, it is crucial to get your message across despite the competing noise levels. What’s the fix? Post advertising to your Instagram story!

In order to raise brand recognition, generate leads, increase sales, and even recruit talent, B2B organisations may use Instagram’s flexible ad campaign settings.

Last Words

Instagram is no longer reserved for business-to-consumer enterprises. Instagram’s rising popularity means that it is now a viable alternative for B2B enterprises, particularly when B2B customers conduct research on items while still inside the app. Additionally, Instagram Stories may provide you with novel approaches of interacting with prospective clients, all of which can serve to raise product profile, boost revenue, and expand your business.