The popularity of videos, especially live ones, remains high in the realm of social media. Live videos let you engage with your audience and add some personality to your business.

Today, though, I’d want to focus on a specific subset of live videos: Instagram Live team-ups.

Getting started with live videos on Instagram may be a fun (and efficient) way to expand your following. We’ll examine some categories of collaborative endeavours that you might find interesting.

How to Get Started with Instagram Live Streaming

Topics Discussed in Interviews and Question-and-Answer Sessions

Interviews and question-and-answer sessions are easy ways to begin working together on Instagram Live. You may conduct an interview with a notable figure in your field, have a conversation with a prominent figure in your sector on issues that are important to your Instagram followers, or have a Q&A session with an employee of your firm.

You might also post a request on Instagram, asking your followers for suggestions on who to interview and what type of questions they’d want to have answered.

Inquiries from the audience

I look up to Jasmine Star as one of the most influential people on social media. The weekly question-and-answer session she conducts with her viewers is a big reason for this. In a style similar to an Ask Me Anything (AMA), she goes live on Instagram for roughly 15 minutes to answer questions from her devoted following.

By working together with your audience, you can provide incredible value to your followers by giving them direct access to you. As a result, people will have even more incentive to start following you on the network immediately so they don’t lose out.

Conferences online devoted to teaching participants a certain skill or technique

Creating content in tandem with other authorities or influencers in your field is a common strategy for businesses looking to expand their social media followings. Instagram Live collaboration in the form of a “webinar” or shared educational experience is a great method to achieve this in a lighthearted approach.

Live sessions on a certain topic are another great way to provide extra value to your audience. Making a “how to” or demonstration film alongside another person is another great approach to educate your viewers.

Show your audience how easy it is to utilise your product or service by guiding an influencer (or one of your followers!) through the process in real time. You might also share a fascinating lesson.


Use Instagram Live to make an important partnership announcement live with another company.

You and your collaborator may make an appearance on-air or online to promote your next live event or product launch by announcing your partnership.


Popular types of content include roundups and listings. Putting up a roundup is a great way to promote numerous pieces of your own work or to provide a useful resource for your audience.

In addition, they can aid in expanding a company’s customer base (when those mentioned share the specific post).

Let’s use this framework to coordinate our Instagram Live broadcasts. To build a real-time roundup of influencers or industry experts to answer questions or provide insights on a given issue, you may “switch” guests on Instagram Live.

This kind of collaboration may be done even at a business meeting, convention, or social gathering.


Contests are a great method to quickly expand your social media following, and gamification is a novel approach to attracting and retaining fans’ interest in your company.

Taking cues from the concept of a group Instagram Live broadcast, you may provide a novel spin on contest possibilities. Think of it like a game show: your viewers answer questions live on air for a chance to win a reward. Doing something like this might be a fantastic way to show off your character and impress your followers.

Repeated Sections

If you’re going to be consulting for brands, one thing I can’t stress enough is the need of maintaining a regular publishing schedule. To maintain visibility in the feeds of your followers in today’s social media marketing ecosystem, it’s important to post frequently.

One method to develop that consistency in a way that your audience will look forward to over and over is to introduce a regular piece or segment.

How to Have a Great Time Working Together on Instagram Live

Participating in a real-time Instagram collaboration isn’t enough; you need to put it to good use for your company. You may increase your chances of success by following these recommendations.

Prepare ahead of time

In my experience, the most successful Instagram Live collaborations are the ones that have been meticulously planned.

Figure out what you want to accomplish in your live session, and how long you want it to last (but don’t worry if it goes over). If you think a script would be useful, you can write one out.

Do things on purpose

Determine the goals of your Instagram Live collaboration and what you want viewers will take away from it. Consider your own aims. You may use this information to better prepare for the live session.

Check the credentials of anyone who can affect your work

Make sure the influencer is a good fit for your company and that your audiences are similar before starting to work with them.

In other words, have a good time!

Going live allows you to introduce yourself to the people that follow your content. It’s a wonderful chance to put a human face on your brand and get to know your fans better.