Your eCommerce store needs to stand out from the crowd to attract clients in today’s competitive industry. To do this, you need to show something that is so aesthetically beautiful that it grabs your target audience’s attention in the split second it takes them to stop scrolling through their newsfeeds or the web.

Using Instagram videos to promote your online store can be very effective. They aid in spreading the word about your company, getting your target audience involved, and persuading them to buy what you’re selling.

How to use Instagram videos for online sales, how to go viral with your posts, and how to leverage influencer marketing to build your brand on Instagram are all covered in this article.

Marketing Your Online Store with Instagram Videos

Some consumers may be put off by the amount of work involved in releasing several, varied movies, reels, and lives in an effort to increase sales and traffic to an online store.

However, practically since its inception, Instagram has made it remarkably simple to produce and publish one’s own films. When it comes to promoting a business or a product on the internet, videos are among the most popular and effective methods. Our brains are hardwired to process images faster than text, thus pictures and videos are always preferable. Some studies have shown that people retain 95% of what they see compared to 10% of what they read.
Here are a few examples of how you may use Instagram videos to promote your business:

Share Real-Time Videos

Instagram’s Live Video function facilitates genuine interaction with followers.

In addition, all of your followers will be alerted when you do, so it’s a great opportunity to promote your brand. You can also team up with another company or influencer to film a live programme and discuss a topic of mutual interest.

This works well for making declarations and introducing new items. You can also create tutorials for your items and show customers how to utilise them.

Disseminate Interesting Reels

Promoting your brand organically requires you to share captivating reels on your feed. Using reels, you may increase interaction and expand your audience. Instagram Reels-related activity accounts for 20% of total Instagram activity. With Instagram’s updated algorithms, your videos will reach a wider, more engaged audience more naturally. So, your reel has the potential to go viral at any time!

In addition, reels allow you to get imaginative with your brand, which is a great way to win over customers. Reels don’t break the bank. They don’t need a lot of setup or expensive gear; in fact, you can perform them on your phone.

Share Videos That Are Interesting And Captivating

Using Instagram Stories is a great way to increase interaction with your audience and stay top-of-mind with consumers. In addition, they can increase sales and lead generation, which in turn raises brand awareness.

Including videos in stories also allows for instantaneous customer input, which can assist strengthen your business’s bonds with its clientele. According to research on Instagram stories, maintaining a retention rate of over 70% can be achieved by posting up to five tales every day.

10 Instagram Video Tips That Will Help Your Online Store

Some of the most effective methods of distributing engaging videos to your current and future audience are as follows:

Make a Video Teaser

If your Thumbnail is well-designed, you may see an increase in views. It can be anything from a beautiful picture to one with text overlapping it.

Make your videos concise and to the point

In order to keep your listeners engaged, you need to do so within the initial few seconds. To compete with the other content in the feed for viewers’ attention, your videos should be succinct and to the point.

Hubspot conducted research that determined a 26-second clip is optimal for Instagram.

Be genuine and honest

When compared to phoney or manufactured movies, sharing genuine content can go a long way towards establishing credibility with your clientele.

Add Captions and Subtitles

Did you know that 83 percent of video viewers do not use the audio? Also, over half of all video viewers would want closed captions so they can watch on silent.

Update Frequently and Regularly

Make sure your video uploads are regular and on-time by creating a posting schedule and outlining your content in advance. This can aid in maintaining visibility and expanding your reach naturally.

Mention Items in Videos

Customers will appreciate the convenience, and you’ll increase the likelihood that they’ll visit your Instagram Shop, if you do this. In addition to doubling your site’s traffic, this can also double your sales.

Maintain and Promote Your Brand’s Character

Share the backstory of your brand using Instagram videos. A stronger emotional connection with your audience and a more distinctive impression of your brand can result.

Advertise Your Videos

Using natural methods to get your message out can be very effective. However, in such a congested market, advertising your movies as a means of getting them in front of the correct people would be a terrific idea.

Make Appropriate Hashtag Use

This has the potential to extend the brand’s reach. Add up to 30 hashtags, with 1–3 occurring naturally in the caption.

Host Online Video Games

Give your target market some fresh information on the product and encourage them to record a video of themselves talking or doing anything in order to win the product.

Increased user-generated content has many potential benefits, including greater brand awareness, higher levels of user engagement, and higher conversion rates.