More and more companies are turning to Instagram marketing experts for advice on how to boost their following. Why? Because more views mean more potential leads, and eventually, more money for the business.

Increased Instagram interaction doesn’t need rocket science, despite what you may have read on social media.

Gaining More Instagram Followers: 10 Tips

Instagram is home to over 2 billion active users and 25 million businesses vying for customers’ attention. As a corollary, Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm makes reaching your intended audience more of a challenge.

1. Make the Most of Instagram

You should treat your Instagram page as the homepage of your website when planning your social media strategy.

Your Instagram profile is the first impression you make on potential customers, so it should accurately represent your business and brand.

2. Learn Instagram’s Secret Formula

Contrary to popular belief, Instagram’s algorithm is not a dark art. When you consider how the site prioritises certain posts in users’ feeds and explore pages, you’ll see how straightforward it really is.

Instagram’s content visibility is partially determined by how well you comprehend its algorithm.

3. Put your own spin on your Instagram posts

To get more people to read your writings, you need to become a leader in your field.

It is up to you to tailor your material to the exact sector and audience you’re trying to reach, whether that’s the fashion industry, the food industry, social media, freelancing, starting a business, etc.

Quality photo sharing is a good first step, but if you don’t address your audience’s pain points, represent their beliefs, educate them, or entertain them, you won’t see any growth in your following.

4. Try out Instagram highlight reels

You, as a digital marketer, should be aware of the enormous success of short-form video on Instagram.

Now that short-form video sharing has become popular thanks to platforms like TikTok, many other social media applications are creating their own takes on the trend. Reels on Instagram and Facebook, and Shorts on YouTube are all available now.

You should definitely use Instagram Reels into your video marketing approach if you want to increase your account views. An excellent highlight reel has far more potential to raise your views than a standard post since it has a greater chance of appearing in the news feeds of many more Instagram users.

5. Five, increase your Instagram Story postings

Increasing the number of Instagram Stories you publish is another simple strategy to get more followers.

The nicest part about stories is how often you can update them without coming across as spammy. You should try out a variety of post ideas to see what your audience responds to best, rather than limiting your story to the same few options.

Using Instagram Stories is a lot like telling a narrative, in that you get to share bits and pieces of your life with your followers.

6. Use and distribute user-created media

Anything that is not officially endorsed by a company or group is considered user-generated content (UGC).
User-generated content (UGC) is an enticing strategy for increasing Instagram engagement. Interest may be piqued and even sales made with the help of things like tutorials and product reviews.

7. Connect with Key Opinion Leaders

Instagram is rife with other skilled producers working in your profession or specialty; converse with them to boost your own following.

Influencer partnerships are an integral part of a successful advertising campaign. And you may accomplish this objective without devoting a sizable sum of money to remunerated partnerships.

The process of finding micro-influencers in your field just requires 20-30 minutes each week of your time spent browsing hashtags and the explore page. Micro-influencers are people with a relatively modest number of followers (usually less than 50,000), but who may nevertheless help spread the word about a company for little out of pocket.

8. Make Shoppable Blog Posts

Making content that readers may buy from is like liquid gold for your social media presence and online storefront. Instagram allows you to “tag” specific goods with a clickable link to your online store, which is useful if you want to send customers there.

9. Instagram Posts Should Be a Part of a More Varied Strategy

An effective strategy for increasing audience participation is to provide a wide variety of interesting and engaging posts. Posting a variety of material types, such as reels, feed content, stories, and videos, is simply one of a well-rounded content strategy.

10. Interact with the Individuals You’re Looking for

Although we’ve already touched on the importance of engaging with your audience and responding to comments, it’s worth emphasising again to help you rack up more likes on Instagram.

This advice is not based on any kind of scientific study, but it does demonstrate that you care about your audience and following, which is always appreciated.

Getting more people to check out your Instagram is as easy as connecting with your followers and replying to their comments. That’s why we’re putting our Instagram Community Management services to good use by generating initial likes, comments, and following.