Did you know that if your consumers have a negative experience with customer service, 50% of them may go elsewhere? If you add another bad experience to the mix, eighty percent of people will avoid you.

Providing excellent service to customers is crucial for the success of any business or brand. It is the bond between a company and its clientele and must be nurtured constantly.

Without effective customer service, even the most well-thought-out marketing plans will fail.

While social media is excellent for promotion and advertising, it also excels in customer service.

The Role of Social Media in Customer Service

Facebook has over 2.6 billion monthly users, whereas Twitter has approximately 166 million. When it comes to advertising and maintaining connections with clients, social media is where it’s at. There are a variety of reasons why social media has become so important in the realm of customer service. Included among them are examples like:


If you’re using social media to talk to your consumers and answer their questions, you’re doing it in the open. The world can observe when a company acts swiftly and handles a crisis effectively.

In turn, this will bring widespread attention to that firm. In turn, this boosts the public’s opinion of the firm.

Heightens Recognition of the Brand

Customers (both satisfied and dissatisfied) mention the company on social media when they ask inquiries or provide comments.

Friends and followers of the consumer will be able to view the post and the brand’s or business’s response to it.

As a result, the company’s name will be known by more people, which is great for its brand’s exposure.

Quick Suggestions

When people come to a brand on social media with complaints or concerns, the brand may respond rapidly with advice and assistance. If others encounter this issue, they may just follow the steps provided and stop bothering you.

If consumers’ issues remain despite using the company’s recommendations, they will be given a list of possible next steps.

Checking in with a client to see if they’re satisfied after providing assistance is also simplified.

Keep in mind that your rivals are also using social media, so it’s worthwhile to follow what they’re up to. It might be instructive to see how rival businesses handle customer service.

Customer Service in the Social Media Era: Some Tactics

To ensure that your business does everything it can to keep customers happy throughout the sales funnel, it’s a good idea to integrate social media with customer service.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective methods for leveraging social media to improve your company’s customer service.

Create Solid Connections With Your Clients

Building trusting relationships with your clientele is crucial if you want to keep them as loyal and supportive consumers.

Engage with your audience on the many social media channels you frequent. Give your consumers a hearing by replying to their tweets and blog entries.

When making a complaint on social media, many users anticipate a response within the hour. Strive to always provide a speedy response whenever a query or concern is raised.

Don’t only reply to unhappy consumers on social media. Provide information that will pique their interest, and they will be more likely to interact with your company.

You may also show that you care about the satisfaction of your clientele by soliciting their thoughts and opinions through inquiries and comments.

If you want to make the most of social media as a marketing tool, you should avoid flooding your followers’ feeds with updates about your products and services. Always keep your audience in mind, and provide them with stuff they can connect to.

In this approach, they will understand that relationship development is more important than making a quick buck off of you.

Hear What Your Clients Have To Say

Customers that are furious or dissatisfied can be avoided if you can hear what they are saying before they get to you.

Including hashtags into your social media monitoring plan is a simple and relatively efficient way to keep tabs on what your consumers are saying about you. Hashtags, especially branded ones, allow users to quickly and conveniently search for solutions to their problems.

Customers that are having problems or need help might be located using these hashtags. By taking this measure, you lessen the likelihood of receiving hostile comments on your social media pages, which might damage your company’s reputation.

Similarly, your business may utilise similar hashtags to generate content that directly responds to customer concerns.

Feedback, complaints, questions, and recommendations may all have their own hashtags.

A social networking tool like Mention is useful for this. This sort of software allows you to trace every mention of your brand throughout the web, including social media.

By adapting your marketing strategy based on the insights gathered from these instruments, you may better meet the needs of your target audience.

Build an Squad of Raving Fans Among Your Clientele

It’s inevitable that some consumers will be unhappy, and that’s just the nature of business. They’re inevitable, but with enough planning, you can deal with them effectively.

Create a group of brand defenders that will stand up for your company no matter what comes.

When a dissatisfied client voices their opinion, your most devoted customers may step in as brand ambassadors and offer helpful feedback.

This form of customer dedication is useful if you are unable to instantly appease the irate client. Having a dedicated fan base also proves to new clients that you are worthy of their time and money.

In the event that a frustrated client launches an online tirade, your base of advocates can assist mitigate the situation. It’s easier to believe their support for you is genuine if they aren’t doing it in exchange for anything, and that includes money or other benefits.