With a potential 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is poised to overtake Facebook as the most popular social media platform. This makes Instagram the third most popular social media platform, behind behind Facebook (1.9 billion users) and YouTube (2.4 billion users).

Every day, Instagram users share over 100 million photographs and videos. About 500 million Instagrammers share their stories daily. Users spend an average of 53 minutes each day on the network, making it the second most active social media platform behind Facebook.

In particular, Instagram has developed into a leading marketplace for consumers to discover and learn about brand-new offerings. Getting more Instagram followers is a certain way to improve interaction, which in turn might lead to increased sales.

Exactly exactly can one increase their Instagram following?

Buying Instagram followers is frowned upon now, although it was possible in years past. New Instagram algorithms and clever bot-recognition technologies, however, have opened the door for businesses to gain a following naturally.

The key to a successful Instagram marketing approach is understanding how to create an organic audience with followers who actually want to follow you. Still lacking a plan of action? If you want to know how to increase your Instagram following, you’ll want to read on.

Fix your Instagram SEO

Your Instagram audience may be expanded in a variety of ways. Making your Instagram account discoverable is the first order of business. To attract genuine individuals who will really follow your account, optimise your profile with relevant keywords and post engaging content.

No longer is it necessary to know the precise spelling of a username or hashtag in order to find a certain account or discussion thread. Several updates to the Instagram algorithm introduced by the platform’s creators have made it simpler for users to locate desired accounts and content. This is fantastic news for businesses, as it increases the likelihood that their products will show up in relevant search results.

You may use the search box to perform a broad keyword search on the Explore page. The results it returns are similar to those of a web search engine, including Instagram profiles, geographic locations, audio clips, and hash tags.If you want your business, brand, and content to be discovered by the appropriate people on Instagram, we’ll teach you how to optimise your profile.

Add relevant keywords to your profile

To get found on Instagram, it is essential to use relevant keywords and phrases throughout your profile and posts.

Create a list of the most important terms associated with your brand. They should be representative of your overall industry, your specific specialisation, and your target audience’s identity. Check this list of keywords periodically to verify sure they still apply.

Discover the top hash tags

You may expand your Instagram audience and attract new followers by making use of trending hashtags. Hashtags are constantly being used, but what exactly are “relevant hashtags?” Hashtags that represent your company and its services, products, locations, events, and causes.

But how can you tell whether the hashtags you’re using are effective or if you’re even using them properly? Here are some Instagram-specific rules for using hashtags.

Focus on specific, relevant hashtags for your field

Hashtags that are specific to your sector help you be seen by a wide audience that may be interested in following you.

Determine your intended demographic so that you may use specialty hashtags that stand out and perhaps reach that audience. Here’s the place to try out some “out-of-the-box” hashtags, or even come up with your own.

Here are some examples of specific hashtags that photographers might use to attract their target audience: Photographer specialising in outdoor weddings, underwater portraits, and aerial views of real estate using drones.

Check out the most popular hash tags

Avoid blindly following the trendiest hashtags. See what type of content they go to in advance by clicking on them. To view the page dedicated to that hashtag, just click on it.

One photographer’s temptation would be to use the hashtag #photography, which has 455 million posts, or #blackandwhitephotography, which has 21 million posts; #naturephotography, which has 76 million; or #foodphotography, which has 13 million. Every budding photographer (41 million posts) and anybody with a smartphone is using these hashtags, as seen by the sheer amount of postings.

Think About Length

Since Instagram’s beginnings, captions have become significantly lengthier; mastering the art of captioning posts allows you to connect with your existing following while also drawing in new followers who share your interests.

The backstory behind a shared photo or video is always appreciated by viewers. Expose yourself and connect on a deeper level. Line breaks should be used to improve readability, as long stretches of uninterrupted text can be tiring on the eyes and mind.

Add labels and mentions

Tagging other users and accounts is a thoughtful method to debut something and get the word out. You may engage your audience in conversation by posing questions and encouraging comments and reshares.

Tagging people in a post makes it more likely that their friends and followers will see it and participate in the conversation, which in turn boosts your own exposure and profile in the algorithm. Participate and interact

Relationships are the foundation of social networking. It’s not enough to just be an Instagram user who creates and schedules posts, Stories, Reels, and IGTV content; you also need to communicate and engage with other users.

Like and comment on posts made by people you follow, as well as accounts that appear in searches for your topic and your geographic area. Supporting another user’s account might earn you followers who find your support entertaining, motivating, or otherwise compelling.

Another strategy for gaining new followers is to follow and interact with popular account holders. Those that are considered influencers in their field typically have a large following.